Forschungsgebiete rtm

Research Areas

The systematic design of dynamic systems and automation devices requires a more and more detailed understanding of the system because of the rising complexity in conjunction with constantly shortened development cycles as well as rising requirements on reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness. For this reason, research at the Department of Control Systems and Mechatronics aims at the (further) development and optimization of methods for system analysis and systematic system manipulation. It is oriented on actual and future applications in the area of mechatronics. Following this idea, new impulses for research and development have been created from the cooperation with our partners from industry and university.

Main Focus

The main focus is concentrated on modeling, analysis and control of complex mechatronic systems. Besides automotive industry, application areas cover also classical areas of mechanical engineering, e.g. open-loop and closed-loop control of machine tools, production plants and test benches. Additionally, new research areas like medical engineering, aerospace engineering and control and optimization of process engineering plants.

The work of the department furthers concentrates on the design of robust controls, multi-rate sampling systems and iterative learning controls. Other research areas cover the fields of control of vehicle dynamics, application of Walsh functions in control and development of linear and nonlinear multivariable feedback controls based on state-space methods.

This leads to our new research area for systems with distributed parameters. Distributed systems are described using more and more complex finite element models. Utilizing these models for control is a challenge that we want to face. In cooperation with other universities we take an active part in the development of direct methanol fuel cells.