Ehemalige Mitarbeiter RTM

Alumni of Control Systems and Mechatronics

Name Working area(s)
Automated State-Space Feedback Control Design of a Model Tracking Control at the Example of a Machine Tool
Model-Based Fault Diagnosis for Common Rail Diesel Engines with High and Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Optimized Control of Volume Flows in Process Engineering plants
Decentralized control of a Microgrid with predominantly renewable energy
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, GPS Aided Inertial Navigation Systems, Control of Quadrotors
Control of x-by-wire vehicles in several drive topologies
Assistive Robotics, Research Team on Adaptive Knee Orthoses
Cyclical control of one- and multi-axis systems
Systems Theoretical Analysis and Design of the Modal Eigendynamics of Flexible Beams with Variable Cross Area Distribution Based on the Local Eigenvalue Problem
Position Control of Mechatronic Actuators Using the Example of a Gasoline Engine Throttle Flap
Control of linear and nonlinear descriptor systems, Design of coupling controllers
Design of Coupling Controls through Dynamic Output Feedback
A Methodology for Control and Observer Design for Multivariable Descriptor Systems
Model-Based Fault Detection for a Hydraulic Servo Axis
Modeling, System Analysis and Controller Design for Systems with Distributed Parameters Based on Numerical Approximation Models
Modelling, Analysis and Controller Design of Three-Way Automotive Catalysts
Modelling, Analysis and Design of heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems
Wind turbine control

Alumni of Control Systems and Process Automation

Name Working area(s)
A new approach to control the lateral dynamics of vehicles
Fault tolerance strategies for duplex actuators, Development of a failure management system for reconfiguration of a duplex actuator system, Modelbased fault detection and diagnosis, Design of reconfigurable controls and coupling controls for duplex actuator systems
Model-Based Supervision Methods for Two Rotational Systems
Fault-Tolerance Strategies for Mechatronic Systems
Model-Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Diesel Engines
Collision Avoidance / Collision Mitigation
Cylinder Pressure-Based Engine Management of Gasoline and Diesel Engines Reducing Consumption and Emissions
Innovative Combustion Engine Measurements
Optimized, Fast Engine Measurement with Online Methods for the Determination of Static and Dynamic Models
Model-Based Fault Diagnosis for Direct Injection Gasoline Engines
PRORETA 2 - Strategy Development for Driver Assistence System Testing and Realisation of Different Accident Avoiding Systems (Driver Warnings, Automatic Vehicle Dynamics Intervention)
Model-Based Multivariable Control of the Air System of Turbocharged Diesel Engines with High and Low Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Model-Based Fault Detection for a Hydraulic Servo Axis
Minimal Sensor Diagnosis for a Fuel Cell System
PRORETA 2 - Situation Modeling and Interpretation, Hazard Risk Evaluation and Observing/Estimation of Vehicle Dynamic State Variables
Dynamic Measurement and Modling of Combustion Engines
Optimisation of the Open and Closed Loop Control of a Common-Rail Diesel Engine
Model-based fault diagnosis of the air and turbocharger system of diesel engines
Model-based Thickness and Tension Control in Multi-Stand Cold Rolling Mills
Support Vector Machines for Identification and Classification Problems in Control Engineering
Charging pressure and air mass control of turbo-charged diesel engines with local linear models and optimization of the dynamic exhaust emissions during the smoke limitation
Identification of Vehicle Dynamics Parameters, Observation of Non-Measurable Vehicle Dynamics State Variables, Indirect Tire Pressure Supervision
Model-Based Impedance Measuring Assistance System for Diagnosis and Therapy of Malnutrition
Dynamic Modeling and HiL-Simulation of Combustion Engines
Identification of Nonlinear Processes with Dynamic Local Linear Affine Models