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Controller Design for Multivariable Systems in State Space


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Content of the lecture

  1. Introduction
  2. Characterization of Multivariable Systems
    • State Space Representation of Llinear Time-Invariant Systems
    • Solution of the State Equation
    • Controllability and Observability
    • Analysis of the Input-Output Behavior
  3. Controler Design via Pole Assignment
    • Derivation of equations for Pole Assignment
    • Pole Assignment for Single-Input Systems
    • Pole Assignment for Multivariable Systems
      • Pole Assignment via “Vollständige Modale Synthese”
      • Meaning and Properties of “Control Vectors”
  4. Controller Design via Decoupling and Coupling
    • Decoupling Control
      • according to Falb-Wolovich
      • with “Vollständige Modale Sysnthese”
    • Coupling Control
  5. Controller Design via Optimization
    • Definitions and Problem
    • Solution of the Optimization Problem
    • Linear Quadratic Optimal Control
  6. State Estimation with Observers
  7. Dynamic State Feedback
    • General Dynamic Output Feedbacks
    • PI Control in State Space
    • Design of Dynamic Output Feedbacks
  8. Controller Design with structural limitations
  9. Controller Design considering Reference Models and Disturbances
    • Consideration of Disturbances
    • Reference and Disturbance models
    • Tracking and Disturbance Rejection
    • Disturbance Observers

The lecture notes will be selled in the first lecture at cost. The lecture notes are also available in our office at Mrs. Fischer (S3|10/512) or at Mr. Hoedt (S3|10/519) .


The exam in the summer term will be oral on 28th Jul, 2011 between 8:00 and 18:00 o'clock. Please make a mandatory appointment at Mrs. Fischer in Room S3|10 512.

Schedule (in the winter terms)

  • Lecture: Monday, 09:50 – 11:30 , RoomS3|06/052
  • Exercise : Monday, 11:40 – 13:20 , Room S3|06/021(generally)