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Controller Design for Multivariable Systems in State Space


  • 2015/07/20

    Prüfungstermin zu Mehrgrößenreglerentwurf

    Die Prüfung findet im SS15 mündlich statt. Es werden zwei Prüfungstermine, 30. September und 1. Oktober, angeboten. Eine Anmeldeliste liegt im Sekretariat aus. Bitte tragen Sie sich dort für eine Prüfungsuhrzeit ein.

Content of the lecture

  1. Introduction
  2. Characterization of Multivariable Systems
    • State Space Representation of Llinear Time-Invariant Systems
    • Solution of the State Equation
    • Controllability and Observability
    • Analysis of the Input-Output Behavior
  3. Controler Design via Pole Assignment
    • Derivation of equations for Pole Assignment
    • Pole Assignment for Single-Input Systems
    • Pole Assignment for Multivariable Systems
      • Pole Assignment via “Vollständige Modale Synthese”
      • Meaning and Properties of “Control Vectors”
  4. Controller Design via Decoupling and Coupling
    • Decoupling Control
      • according to Falb-Wolovich
      • with “Vollständige Modale Sysnthese”
    • Coupling Control
  5. Controller Design via Optimization
    • Definitions and Problem
    • Solution of the Optimization Problem
    • Linear Quadratic Optimal Control
  6. State Estimation with Observers
  7. Dynamic State Feedback
    • General Dynamic Output Feedbacks
    • PI Control in State Space
    • Design of Dynamic Output Feedbacks
  8. Controller Design with structural limitations
  9. Controller Design considering Reference Models and Disturbances
    • Consideration of Disturbances
    • Reference and Disturbance models
    • Tracking and Disturbance Rejection
    • Disturbance Observers

The lecture notes will be selled in the first lecture at cost. The lecture notes are also available in our office at Mrs. Fischer (S3|10/512) or at Mr. Hoedt (S3|10/519) .


The exam in the summer term will be oral on 28th Jul, 2011 between 8:00 and 18:00 o'clock. Please make a mandatory appointment at Mrs. Fischer in Room S3|10 512.

Schedule (in the winter terms)

  • Lecture: Monday, 09:50 – 11:30 , RoomS3|06/052
  • Exercise : Monday, 11:40 – 13:20 , Room S3|06/021(generally)